We are on a mission with Safety Seymour to raise awareness about Carbon Monoxide and to help keep your family safe.


How much do you know about Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas which is completely invisible. It doesn’t have any smell and can be given off by your gas appliances without you knowing. That’s why it’s known as ‘The Silent Killer’.
Did you know that if Carbon Monoxide is present in your home it could cause serious illness and even death? Every year Carbon Monoxide kills 25 people by starving the blood of oxygen.

We are on a mission to raise awareness about Carbon Monoxide and to help keep your family safe. One of the ways we are doing this is by teaching children in schools about Carbon Monoxide with the help of Safety Seymour.

Who is Safety Seymour?

Safety Seymour is a super-hero bear that we’ve created to help engage with children in a fun way about carbon monoxide.

Your children can learn all about the dangers of carbon monoxide by taking part in a free workshop that we are delivering to schools. If you’d like us to come and visit the school where your children attend, please get in touch.

The Workshops are aimed at 6-7 year olds and take place in their school. They involve loads of games and role-play activities so the kids learn by having fun. It incorporates drama, science, crafts and P.S.H.E. (Personal, Social and Health Education) to fit in with the school curriculum and engage with children’s different learning styles.

“The children got so much out of it and even a week on, they’re still talking about it”
Julie Hobbs – Windy Arbor Primary

What do Children Learn?

We teach the children about what Carbon Monoxide is, how it affects the human body and how to prevent it in their homes. Watch this video to so you can see what’s involved.

At the end of the session, all of the children are made into Carbon Monoxide Ambassadors to share what they’ve learnt with the rest of their family. This helps to spread the message as wide as possible.

They’ll also receive the following for FREE;

  • Safety Seymour activity book,
  • Safety Seymour keyring,
  • Carbon Monoxide alarm,
  • The chance to take Safety Seymour home to carry out an inspection of where they live.
By teaching children in such a memorable way, it is something that will stay with them for a very long time and could save the life of someone in their family. It’s about prevention rather than cure.
“After today, the children seem so excited that I’m sure they’re going to go home and tell their parents all about it”
Miss Perrit – Burbage Infant School

How to Get Involved

We are currently running these workshops across our networks and have had tremendous feedback from the children, parents and teachers.

We are looking for new schools that we can come to visit. If you would like us to run a workshop at your kid’s school for free, then get in touch.

If you would like to know more about carbon monoxide, you can get more information on our webpage here.

CO Safety Competition 

We are calling for young people to help us spread the word on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO), the silent killer.

We are looking for entries from children aged between 5 and 11 in any form of media, such as eye-catching cartoons, videos, models, short stories or poems that are informative and accurate in warning of the dangers of CO poisoning.  All winners will receive a prize for themselves and for their school. Find out more.


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